Today is a pretty rainy, dark, day in Long Island. It’s the type of day where you want to curl up and eat chocolate chip cookies….but instead of giving into the temptation of sugar, I did some cleaning! 

I try to clean up my sewing room everytime I finish a project…but that hasn’t really happened recently, and the room was a mess. It had gotten to the point where it was hindering my ability to sew, so it was time. 

Now its back to being the organized room I love. to be honest I have way too much stuff, and not enough storage, so having a cute room isn’t really possible. But as long as every thing is put away I don’t mind too much :) 

I get asked from time to time about how I store cosplay things and fabric…It’s kind of everywhere. I have storage beneath the table, and in big bins, and the entire closet! Someone gave me hat boxes and they each hold everything required for a “project” so that’s pretty handy…but yeah, stuff is all over the place :c 

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