Need to snip a few threads but it’s pretty much done. It fits very nicely and is more flattering then I had expected, so yay!

It’s shorter then I had hoped - I underestimated how poofy it would be and how that effects the length. But I wanted it to be fun and airy looking, so I think the length suits it!

Maybe if i’m feeling ambitious  i’ll take proper photos of it tomorrow.

Made the headpiece to go with the flowery dress I have in progress! Today was mostly a cleaning and planning day so this is pretty much all I got done. 

But I like it, headpieces are always quick and satisfying which is a pleasant change from making dresses and cloaks! 

Added a whole bunch more hydrangea blossoms and filled in the gaps with daisies, and I like it so much more! After removing hot glue strands I added the tulle overlay and I’m quite pleased with it.

Still work left to be done - a waistband, zipper, and seam binding on the bodice. But the tough stuff is over! 

I’ve uploaded another sewing video, this time focusing on the beaded chemise shown here!

I’m not too happy with how this video turned out, the angles/lighting/zoom change a lot which makes it a bit choppy to watch. I think for future projects I’ll set up a tri pod.

I’ve been focusing on other things this month but hopefully tutorials/talking will be a part of this channel soon.

I hope you guys enjoy it! 

Really shit photos but it’s hard to take mirror shots when you can’t raise your arms. It’s also difficult to put on a hat. Historical fashion is the most restricting fashion - literally. 

I need to sort this wig out because it’s pretty crazy and unflattering at the moment. AND I have to add eyes to the ferret fur (not picture) but i’m just about done with this project! 

It was more complicated and challenging then I had expected, lot’s of bumps in the road but all and all I’m happy with how it turned out!

cheers! i'm really sorry to bother you, but recently i've been struggling a lot with motivation. i start projects but never finish them, and abandon them when they get difficult. it could be related to depression and all that, but i was wondering if you had any advice on how to stay motivated and finish a project? thank you so much for your time!

That’s something I used to struggle with a lot as well. Last year I threw away more then I finished due to lack of interests,  my ability to problem solve, or overall frustration with the project. 

My major problem was that I didn’t love or feel passionate about the things I was working on. I was making cosplays or fashion projects which I liked the idea of but didn’t like making. Sewing them wasn’t something I enjoyed at all, which made finding the motivation to finish them impossible. These days I only focus on projects I really love and my finish to abandon ratio is a lot better!

I’d highly suggest taking a step back and trying to figure out why you are abandoning them, if it’s because you don’t like the projects maybe you should try making something completely different.

I really think motivation is about dealing with the problems that block it, and here are some things that help me:

-Work on multiple projects at once. If you can, have some variety between these projects. If you get frustrated with one you can always take a “break” and work on a different one for a while. 

-Make a list of what you have to do, crossing things off is oddly satisfying..

-Focus on a single part of the project at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. Sometimes i’ll start a project and get really discouraged because there is so much to do. I find focusing on single steps, then congratulating myself when I accomplish them a lot more rewarding. Sometimes these steps are making a pair of sleeves, beading a bodice, or drafting a pattern. 

-Don’t ignore problems!! Don’t procrastinate because things aren’t working out!! 

For working through a project that has you stumped sometimes you need to sit down and write down everything that’s wrong. Then tackle the problems head on or think about solutions. I did this the other day with a costume and feel so much better about it today. 

- If you run into something you don’t know how to fix try the internet. I recall being upset for weeks over a sleeve pattern I couldn’t perfect, then I googled it and two minutes later I had a solution. I finished the costume a few days later.

Best of luck with completing things!

I don’t usually take part in Throwback Thursday’s but all the talk of Legend of Korra being canceled (which really, really sucks) reminded me of the Sky Bison PJ set I made last year…and the matching Winged Lemur hoodie for my dog.

This project is really different then anything I’ve done before, but I enjoyed it a lot. One of the first times I made something and everything seemed to go the way I wanted - what a confidence boost! Also the first original design I completed.

I’d like to do something similar with the character Toothless - maybe someday if I see black minky on sale! 

I talk about making this costume here!

My second attempt at making this hat went much better then the first! I used quilt batting to give it volume  instead of interfacing and it looks much nicer and is more comfortable too.

The beading went better then expected even though the stupid unsymmetrical design bothers me to no end.

Have to make the bracelet and ferret pelt and i’ll be done! 

Flowery Bodice in progress, will eventually be paired with this skirt.

The bodice is completely sheer - the only modesty comes from the flowers.

It’s made from a layer of silk organza, poly chiffon, and two layers of tulle. The seams were folded and sewn to create boning channels, which hold 1/4” plastic bones.

Very pleased with this and how quickly it’s come together! Hopefully the skirt will turn out as nicely. 

New project! I think it looks really cheesy and kind of bad right now, i’m hoping once I smooth the gradient,  add the tulle overlay, and petals in the hem it’ll class things up a bit. 

If not then i’ll be pretty sad, but at least I can remove the flowers and use them for something else! 

Also, if all goes well I have a ton of greenery and small flowers left over which I think i’ll use to make (another) pair of poofy shorts using the same technique. 

More photos from the other day ~ I have the full set posted here! As well as a ton of information on how I made the costume right here.

These are probably my least favorite from the set, but I really love the background. It looks like a jungle…even though it’s just weeds our neighbors dumped into our yard. 

A few photos from the other day! I had troubles with my pocket hoops collapsing but other then that I’m really pleased with everything! 

Dress, cloak, and headpiece were all made and worn by me. 

Information on how I made the pieces, along with more photos (coming soon) are posted right here

Photos of the finished dress! I have mixed feelings about it, definitely not the best (or my favorite) thing that i’ve made but I think it was a good use of time and materials. 

I have two posts about how I made it and they can be found here, and here

Total Time: 20 hours (over a period of three days) Total Cost: $20

Also please pardon the messy hair - there is a reason why I usually wear wigs in photos! I’m the worst at styling things. 

Chemises kill me because they are so much work, so ugly, and you don’t even see them in the end. But they are still such an important part of historical costumery. 

At least this ones almost done! Have to sew on the other sleeve and line the collar. 

I took a trip to Joanns today! It was a great time to get things because you can use four 50% off coupons at once AND If you have a student ID you get 20% off your in store purchase during the month of July!

I bought a lot of beads and things for a future project, some ribbon for lacing, thread colors I was running out of, and fabric i need for upcoming projects. I also picked up some more flowers for my special floral dress.

It was weird buying stuff again. I haven’t bought fabric in two and a half months because I put myself on a fabric ban. I kind of took advantage of a sale, then spent all my birthday money on fabric in NYC, and followed that up with a trip to Joanns.

The end result was increasing my material collection by nearly a hundred yards. Which was crazy, so I decided not to buy anything until I used up fifty yards of fabric.

The fabric ban is kind of lifted - i’ve used up fifty yards, but i’m still going to focus on making projects from materials I have. 

(this being an exception, of course)