My mom brought me home jars! I went straight into organization mode and decided to fill them with thread.

(well one is devoted to these fantastic sequins someone sent me and i’m in love with)

I really wasn’t happy with the messy/clunky way I was storing them, I think this is much cuter and more convenient.

I also got sixteen spice jars - I don’t have anything to fill them with just yet, but with my shopping habits i’m sure they won’t stay empty for long.

I’m kind of sick of all my current (and planned) projects. I really want something new and exciting with new and exciting fabrics, but I need to hold off until next week which is very frustrating!

So instead i’m starting on this - a dress that will be very heavily inspired by one from the 1840s. It’s going to be made out of a lovely ivory and blue linen and will be worn over a quilted petti and corded stays.

But for now It’s in the draping stage. A (kinda) boring, but important stage.

The other dress I finished! I still have to make the matching cloak, but it shouldn’t be nearly as complicated as the dress. 

Made from two yards of striped taffeta, a yard of black lace, and a yard or two of black coating. It’s embellished with 2mm sequins and hundreds of little beads. It closes with a zipper, and is lined with black broadcloth.

The patterns and dress were designed and made by me!

Not sure how long it took - material costs were around $35

Dress made from six yards of blue stretch taffeta and several yards of off white chiffon (which is lined with bridal satin). The bodice is lined with cotton, and decorated with hundreds of small glass pearls. It’s partially boned and laces up the back. The pattern and construction were all done by me! 

The hardest part was getting the shape of the hood, it has buckram and hopping wire in it to hold the shape.

Not sure how long it took to make. Has $45 of materials in it.

Now that this is done I get to start on new projects next week,  which is super exciting! I’m not sure what i’ll be making - I’m going fabric shopping next week, so I may let my purchases inspire me.

Sorry for lack of smiles ;; I wanted to get these done fast so I went with somber expressions since those  are nearly derp proof.

I recently went on a little shopping spree - the main purpose behind it was to expand my costume appropriate jewelry collection. I spent way too much on ebay, and then decided to top it off with an order from forever 21.

I’ve never actually owned anything from forever 21 (i’m bad at being a teenage girl) and after hearing such mixed reviews I was a bit nervous to make my order. But i’m SO happy I did - everything was so cheap and the quality is far superior to what I expected.

Now i’m one step closer to being a sixteenth century painting, wearing a half dozen rings on each hand! 

Fabric Friday: Fabric you love…but hate to work with

This week features two of my favorite (but kind of least favorite?) fabrics: silks and chiffon. I really love looking at these fabrics - and in every projects i’ve used them in, I adore the end result. 

The drape, flow, and lightness these fabrics have are something dreams are made of. Pretty dreams of pretty dresses.

However, actually working with them, is a thing of nightmares. 

Both of these fabrics are very finely woven and delicate. Which means even the smallest needles create pulls in the fabric. They pucker like crazy, and if you attempt to rip poorly done stitches out you will be left with tatters of unusable fabric.

If you don’t have to rip anything out, you’ll still be left with the unsightly edges because these fabrics fray at an insane speed.

If that isn’t bad enough - they are super slippery which makes accurately cutting things from them impossible. 

Will I stop working with them? Probably not. Will I complain every time I use them? Yes, yes I will. I apologize in advance.  

Are there any fabrics you have a love-hate relationship? 

What's the most difficult project you've ever done? And could you give some tips on how to avoid some of the problems you had with the project? Thanks! Xx

I don’t think there is a singular most difficult thing i’ve ever made. Some projects are unusually easy, but I do reach roadblocks and struggle with aspects of almost everything I make…which is part of learning.

The most difficult time i’ve had making something was anything before August 2013 - things before April 2013 were even worse. Back then I didn’t have as much experience, so when I did reach roadblocks I had no clue how to problem solve, which made everything more challenging. 

I’d say the one tip I have for every project ever is : Be patient. Do things the right way, the first time, so you don’t have to redo them later. 

 More often then not, taking your time is the key to doing a good job. So that would be my suggestion, if I actually listened to it all the time I would avoid sooo many hours of frustration and seam ripping haha.

Fabric Friday: Fabric you love a little too much

…So much you are terrified to use it for anything, and wash your hands before touching it (and sometimes before looking at it) because the thought of it getting stained leaves you in pain. 

I was lucky enough to get four yards of lovely bridal lace fabric for $80. Not only is the material stunning, it’s also a damn miracle I managed to get it for that price. A miracle that can only be caused by fabric gods, and i’m 93% sure I will anger them if I cut into the gift they’ve given me.

The other fabric is a blue brocade I purchased over a year ago as a birthday present for myself. I have literally dreamed about the dress I could make with this material, but I’m scared. 

Because knowing me the first piece I cut will be in the wrong direction and the entire thing will be ruined. 

(That isn’t the type of thing I would forgive myself for, ever)

Do you have any fabrics that you love a little too much to use them?

It’s SO much better then it was before. Still a little sad I can’t completely fix the sleeves and hood, but I did the best I could. 

The hood is removable - it attaches with buttons, and the shape is supported with a bent piece of hooping wire. I spent ages trying to get the shape right, and I think it was worth it!

Just need to add the buttons and hem it - something I will do on sunday when I watch the premiere of River Monsters (I’m stupidly excited).

(I have a rule about not wearing makeup on Friday’s - it’s called laziness sorry) 

"Altering patterns is fun!"

-Said no one ever

Have to completely redraft the set of stays since they are two inches to large. Sigh.

My memory card stopped working today - I got everything set up to photograph my fabric storage and bam camera won’t recognize the card. So I’ll either post Workspace Wednesday on Thursday or double post next week. Sigh.

On the bright side, something arrived for me today - new prints for my portfolio! I think i’m going to end up making a proper portfolio of original designs and sketches, and have a secondary one of cosplay stuff. But I haven’t decided yet. 

Either way, it’s good to have the photos on hand. Seeing them all together makes me realize that almost everything I sew is either red or blue, weird! 

I started drafting project #4 and #5 in my stay study series! I will have a ton of free time to hand sew next week, so I thought these would be good projects to spend that time on. 

Hopefully they will turn out better then my last set of stays - i’m going to be much more careful about the fit this time!

It has a skirt now! Just the hem and hood left to do. I worked a lot on the hood today but i’m still far from being finished with it - far more time consuming then I had expected. 

Still, it’s on it’s way to being done. 

I take more pictures of my dog these days then what i’m working on. Oops. But she looked so cute! She guarded the backyard while I /finally/ got the sleeves gathered and sewn onto the bodice of this dress.

I literally only have two things left to do on this dress - Sew on the skirt and add a zipper. I’m so close! Definitely going to finish up this dress this week.

Hopefully I can get the vest and cape done within the next week or two. This project has dragged on longer then it should.

I caved and bought a scepter to match my crown.

But you don’t understand, I needed it. I could be made fun of for not having a matching scepter. That could be damaging to my self confidence and destroy my life. I didn’t have a choice.

(or I might just be addicted to pretty, shiny objects. sigh)