More photos from the other day ~ I have the full set posted here! As well as a ton of information on how I made the costume right here.

These are probably my least favorite from the set, but I really love the background. It looks like a jungle…even though it’s just weeds our neighbors dumped into our yard. 

A few photos from the other day! I had troubles with my pocket hoops collapsing but other then that I’m really pleased with everything! 

Dress, cloak, and headpiece were all made and worn by me. 

Information on how I made the pieces, along with more photos (coming soon) are posted right here

Photos of the finished dress! I have mixed feelings about it, definitely not the best (or my favorite) thing that i’ve made but I think it was a good use of time and materials. 

I have two posts about how I made it and they can be found here, and here

Total Time: 20 hours (over a period of three days) Total Cost: $20

Also please pardon the messy hair - there is a reason why I usually wear wigs in photos! I’m the worst at styling things. 

Chemises kill me because they are so much work, so ugly, and you don’t even see them in the end. But they are still such an important part of historical costumery. 

At least this ones almost done! Have to sew on the other sleeve and line the collar. 

I took a trip to Joanns today! It was a great time to get things because you can use four 50% off coupons at once AND If you have a student ID you get 20% off your in store purchase during the month of July!

I bought a lot of beads and things for a future project, some ribbon for lacing, thread colors I was running out of, and fabric i need for upcoming projects. I also picked up some more flowers for my special floral dress.

It was weird buying stuff again. I haven’t bought fabric in two and a half months because I put myself on a fabric ban. I kind of took advantage of a sale, then spent all my birthday money on fabric in NYC, and followed that up with a trip to Joanns.

The end result was increasing my material collection by nearly a hundred yards. Which was crazy, so I decided not to buy anything until I used up fifty yards of fabric.

The fabric ban is kind of lifted - i’ve used up fifty yards, but i’m still going to focus on making projects from materials I have. 

(this being an exception, of course)

Fancy cuffs.  Not the most even embroidery job in the world but I tried!

Got the hemming and gathering done on one of the sleeves but I still have one more to go, it’ll be a long night! That’s my least favorite thing about sleeves. You have to make them twice…and one always looks better then the other. 

Just about finished the (probably) final piece in my dewdrop series. It’s far from my favorite thing that i’ve made, but I think it was a good use of leftover fabric! 

It still needs two eyelets at the waist, which will pull it in more, and a modesty panel. 

It has maybe $20 of material and twenty hours of work in it. 

I filmed a thing! I did my best to press “record” every time I sat down to work on my newest velvet Renaissance dress. 

I didn’t capture the whole process, but I did have a lot of footage so I sped it up and set it to music. The whole thing was easier then I had expected, so I might continue to do this in the future.

I’d like to make tutorials too, but I think this is a good start. 

More information on this project can be found here! 

What are your favorite/least favorite parts of sewing?

Uhh that’s really tough. For me my motivation for sewing is because I get a lot of joy from creating things. I find it really neat being able to create something I sketched, or saw in a film, or thought up one day.

And any step that gets me closer to that is really fun and exciting, even If I  don’t actually enjoy that step. 

My least favorite would depend a lot on the project and materials. If i’m working with chiffon, cutting out a pattern is my least favorite part. If i’m sewing on gold trim, it’s dealing with metallic thread. If it’s making stays, it’s binding the pieces together (because it always destroys my fingers).  

In general though, I like every part. Hand sewing is fun, machine sewing is satisfying, I liked draping things and pattern drafting is really relaxing. I like beading and embroidery. Whether I like one more then the other really depends on the day. 

I enjoy hemming and pleating things a lot. Now that I have nice scissors cutting fabric is super fun. 

What I dislike is having a lot of the same thing to do. Like sewing thirty eyelets, I can’t sit down and do it in a six hour stretch. I need to do it in three two hour sessions otherwise i’ll get frustrated. 

So I guess repetitive tasks are my least favorite. And my favorite is seeing something turn out just the way I imagined…it’s the best feeling.!

If you think this looks familiar, it’s probably because it’s super similar to this.

I’m making a more modern companion piece to my Dewdrop Dress. I had a few yards of fabric leftover and wanted to do something with it, and this was the first thing that came to mind.

Thanks to the practice I got from the first dress this one went much, much faster! 

First fitting! I’m pretty happy with it. My mock up hat a lot of stretch to it, velvet does not. So I had to add a panel to the back, but it worked out in the end! The sleeves should probably be bigger but I think overall the proportions are really nice. 

The dress needs a bit of finishing work and a seam up the back, but other then that it’s done. I still need to make the linen chemise (which that elaborate collar will be mounted on) and the hat. 

Cartridge pleating velvet is one of my favorite things. It’s so satisfying. 

This has come together really quickly considering I started yesterday afternoon. Going to spend tonight on the sleeves and if all goes well It should be ready to sew together by tomorrow! 

How did you first get into sewing ? What was your first little project (before you actually decided to get really involved in it by buying supplies etc.) ?

I have a pretty weird “sewing story” it’s kind of always been a part of my life though it isn’t something I felt passionate about until recent years. 

The same way you can grow up coloring in pictures everyday but not be an “artist” I was kind of like that with sewing.  I tend to say I started sewing in the beginning of 2012 since that’s when became interested enough to pursue proper techniques and complete projects. 

My mom had a sewing machine and one time when I was little my grandma taught me how to thread it. And then when I was seven my mom gave me $20 to buy fabric at walmart. A week later I made myself a set of pajamas - I laid down on the fabric and traced around myself, then sewed two pieces of fabric together and declared it done. I think technically, that was my first project.

A couple years before I got interested in sewing for cosplay purposes I got a sewing machine, some basic supplies, and a bit of fabric as a Christmas gift. I didn’t care much at the time, but it was handy when I became interested since I could just jump right into sewing. 

I didn’t really start with a little project. I’m sort of a “go big or go home” type of person and when I get into a hobby it takes over my life.  So  my first project was some romper made from knit fabric…and then I started on maybe six costumes over a two month period but didn’t have the drive to finish any until I made Mio

And all my projects after that are documented on here or on wordpress

I think my eight hours estimate was pretty close. Did a bunch last night but still have more work to do, then it needs to be ironed really thoroughly. Hoping to get the skirt gathered and bodice assembled by the end of tomorrow.

Unfortunately my overlay (chiffon) is several inches smaller then the underlayer (satin) so I had to do a bit of gathering at the hem which has resulted in puckering. It shouldn’t be noticable in the end but i’m bothered by it a lot! 

Taking on a new era in my most recent project~ 

I got the skirt assembled and hemmed yesterday, now I have to attach six yards of this super elaborate lace. How many hours do you think it’ll take?

I’m guessing eight. But maybe more. It’s really fiddly. 

Edit: This lace is from the store LaceFun on etsy!